Sarah Appleton

64 Morse Code Chain Necklace


The 64 Morse Code Chain Necklace is comprised of an infinite brilliant cut 64cm chain set with 2 gold bars. This style is incredibly minimal and comfortable to wear - there is no clasp so the necklace is long enough to put on by placing it gently over your head. Sarah Appleton's pieces embody an effortless and timeless elegance that is meant to be worn daily. Each piece is handmade using traditional goldsmith techniques. Defined by a clean aesthetic, the silhouettes are fluid and modern. 

Necklace Length: 64cm
Collarbone Bar Length: 70mm
Material: 18k yellow gold

No clasp - must be worn by placing over the head
Made in: Paris 

If you do not see your desired colourway, or if the product is out of stock please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a special order.