Kay Konecna

Obi Bi Colour Blue Sapphire Ring


Kay Konecna's Sapphire Obi Ring is the perfect classic engagement ring with a twist. A single oval bi-colour blue sapphire is set within a sculptural frame and minimal round wire ring band. The blue sapphire has a natural white line through it that makes it look almost as though the blue colour is pooling like ink at either end of the stone. A true unique beauty and one of a kind. 

This piece is handmade in Kay's London studio using 100% post-consumer recycled gold and traceable gemstones.  

Size: UK K
Ring band width: measures 1.5mm
Material: recycled 14k yellow gold / set with a single bi-colour blue sapphire  
Made in: London 

If you do not see your size, desired colourway or the product is out of stock please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a special order.