Shakti Ellenwood

The Inipi Ethical Wedding Ring


One of kind

The Inipi Ethical Wedding Ring is handmade using 18k Fairtrade Gold. The 2mm diameter round band has been hammered slightly flat before hand stamped patterns were added by Shakti.

Inspired by Shakti's trip to New Mexico, a state in the US that has more than twenty-three Native American Indian nations. The name Inipi is the Lakota name for a sweat lodge. Shakti sat several times within the lodge. Prayers were given that draw on the four powers of the universe – Earth, Water, Fire and Air and it is considered a rite of purification.

This ring is made with 18k fairtrade gold that is fully traceable and produced responsibly from small-scale minors in Peru.

Size: N
Ring Band: 2mm
Materials: 18ct Fairtrade gold
Made in: Devon, UK

If you do not see your size, desired colourway or the product is out of stock please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a special order.