Disa Allsopp

Disa Allsopp was born in London and grew up in Barbados. This beautiful island deeply influenced her jewellery designs, visible in her use of colourful gemstones. Disa personally selects each stone such as golden citrines, warm garnets, rubies, sapphires and morganites. White and coloured diamonds are set on unique bands while rough and rare cut gemstones make Disa’s work contemporary and current maintaining a timeless charm.

Sustainability and the ethical journey of materials are an important and integral part of Disa’s practice. Each year Disa travels to Kenya to source the majority of her gemstones. During these trips Disa visits a trusted local gemstone supplier she has worked with for many years.

Many of the gemstones sourced are originally from Kenya and East Africa. These beautiful Kenyan gemstones include tourmalines, sapphires, garnets, peridots and aquamarines. All diamonds are gathered through ethical sources and diamond certificates can be provided on request.

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