Our Values

At ætla we believe it is crucial to source and produce jewellery in as sustainable and responsible a manner as is possible. We choose to work exclusively with small, independent designers whose work is transformed - by hand - from the raw materials to the finished product. This means you get a beautiful, unique, one-off piece of jewellery without any of the additional environmental impact from mass-produced factory generated items whose origins can not be traced.

Our Materials

Our designers use various precious metals and stones to create their jewellery, including certified Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold, recycled Gold and Silver, alongside ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. We work with independent designers who share our values and ethos and continuously strive to be better in an industry where traceability and transparency are continually challenging objectives.

It is easy to buy into cheap brass or pewter jewellery that has been plated with the minimum (aka ‘flash plating’) amount of gold or silver required to last the first few months after purchase, but will start to turn irreversibly green or black before too long. In order to reduce the amount of fast fashion waste, we encourage our customers to look for pieces they love, learn the stories of the pieces and the real people who create them; coming away with products that they can take confidence in - knowing they have longevity and responsibility ingrained.

Our Vision

Moving forward, aetla aims to support and promote less established international designers and artisans whose work will sit alongside more established names that have different backgrounds but share the same expectations of absolutely ethical products of an exceptional standard. We will also look to form relationships and collaborate with charities and initiatives working with disadvantaged artisans and craftspeople worldwide.