Poppy's Picks

ætla Guest Edit July 2024: Poppy Murricane - Soho House Membership Manager 

We're thrilled to welcome the ever stylish Poppy Murricane as ætla's first contributor to our Guest Edit! 

"As the Membership Manager for Scotland's Cities Without Houses, I’m always hosting events and picking out fun outfits for each occasion. I love showing off Scottish designers and often wear their creations at our gatherings. My jewellery taste swings from the timeless elegance of gold, diamonds, and pearls to the fun vibe of eighties earrings! Vintage jewellery is my passion, especially the chic flair of Art Deco pieces. I'm super excited that ætla has grown their antique and vintage section—there's so much cool stuff to choose from and discover! These pieces not only match my style but also celebrate our region's rich heritage and artistic flair."

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