Grainne Morton

Born and raised in Northern Ireland by creative and antique-loving parents, Grainne was immersed in and surrounded by the traditional crafts, folklore, music and fairy tales of the country. Moving to Edinburgh, Scotland, in the late eighties to study at Edinburgh College of Art was the jump off point for Grainne to become an avid collector of antiques and ephemera. Her collections became her inspiration, and her inspiration became her work. This use of unexpected is now firmly her trademark.

Each piece she creates is carefully choreographed and balanced, the arranging and re-arranging of little objects, and precious things, moved and re-placed until they establish a relationship to each other. And tell a story to the viewer. 

All of Grainne's jewellery is painstakingly crafted by hand. Each and every object Grainne places in to her compositions are delicately set in 18ct gold plated silver, each casing measured carefully for a snug fit, soldered, pierced and polished, before placing in the tiny object, and rubbing the metal over to secure. Many of the objects used in Grainne’s pieces are antique (Georgina and Victorian). Breathing new life into old ‘forgotten treasures’ adds an additional layer of beauty to Grainne’s work.


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