ætla  [ pronounced 'atla' ]  - a Faroese word for 'intention'
ætla was founded in Edinburgh by Keira Wraae-Stewart in 2020, during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic with a view to showcasing and supporting fine jewellery created by talented local, international and lesser known designers and artisans. A major focus of the business has been to provide clients with a range of luxury, designer jewellery created through sustainable and ethically responsible means.

Before launching ætla, Keira worked in the design and manufacture of jewellery in both London and Thailand for over 10 years, at a number of well established brands including Vivienne Westwood and Maria Francesca Pepe.
Of both Faroese & Scottish descent, Keira decided to return to the UK to launch ætla; the boutique maintains its Scottish roots - being intertwined within Edinburgh‘s majestic City Centre - whilst clearly embracing the Faroese/Scandinavian aesthetic sensibilities that have greatly influenced Keira throughout her life.

Store location:
ætla was initially launched as a pop-up at Space at Seventeen in November 2020, before relocating to its permanent home in August 2021 at 46 St Stephen Street in Edinburgh’s exclusive Stockbridge district, a 10 minute walk from Princes Street.

Personalised service:
For personal shopping, gifting advice, further details of a piece of jewellery or general enquiries regarding the collections we stock please contact where we will be happy to assist you.