Turið Nolsøe Mohr

The designer and craftsman behind the minimalist silver and gold jewellery is Turið Nolsøe Mohr. Turið was born and raised in the Faroe Islands - today based in between The Faroe Islands and Denmark. Turið is a professional architect, an influence that is clear throughout her jewellery design and craftsmanship.

Silver and basalt rock are the basis of Turið's jewellery; the deep black stones are collected up in the mountains, cut, shaped and polished by a skilled local Faroese craftsman before setting the stone in Turið’s signature chunky silver frames.

Turið is inspired by her love of the rugged Faroese nature; the dramatic mountains rising out of the Great North Atlantic Ocean. The resulting designs are revered locally and abroad for their purity and simplicity.
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