Alice Waese

White Norma Coma


Discover an exquisite 14k yellow gold ring that epitomises elegance and sophistication. This stunning piece features a large white diamond and a band adorned with pavé diamonds, creating the illusion of two intertwined rings in a single, unified masterpiece. The organic, textured band adds a touch of natural elegance, making this ring distinctive yet understated.

White diamonds symbolise purity, strength, and eternal love, bringing clarity and balance to the wearer.

Crafted by renowned New York-based jewellery artist Alice Waese, this ring showcases meticulous craftsmanship and artistic vision. Her designs blend fine art and luxury, creating pieces with depth and soul. Whether as an alternative engagement ring, a unique all-in-one wedding ring, or a statement piece for any occasion, this ring embodies timeless beauty and meaningful symbolism.

Size: UK M 1/2
Band width: widest point - 7.3mm, thinnest point - 6.8mm
Materials: 14k yellow gold, one emerald cut diamond 0.6ct, pavé diamonds 
Made in: New York

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