Small Disc Studs With Diamonds - Flat Back


Like little sculptures to wear — organic gold discs accented with brilliant white diamonds. Wwake's threadless flat back studs are super comfortable and make it easy to wear all day everyday. 

14k solid recycled yellow gold
14k white gold post
Earring: Diameter approx. 3.5 mm
Flat Backing: 14k yellow gold, 1.0mm diameter (18ga)
Flat Backing Length: Available in either 5mm or 7mm length (select from dropdown)
These backings are exclusively for WWAKE flat-back earrings, and won't work for other WWAKE earrings
Made in: New York 

If you do not see your desired colourway, or if the product is out of stock please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a special order.


Recommended to wear in healed piercings.

Size Guide:

WWAKE flat-back earrings are offered with two different lengths: 5mm & 7mm. Everyone's ear is slightly different, but we generally recommend:

  • 5mm for healed piercings in the upper portion of the ear, or thinner areas (ex: upper lobe, conch, helix, rook)
  • 7mm for healed piercings in the lower half of the ear, or thicker areas (ex: lobe and tragus)

How to Put On:

  • Insert the flat-back tube through the back of the ear
  • Insert the front of the earring into the tube
  • Once you feed the post into the tube about halfway, push earring and back together until you feel the two parts meet
  • The slight bend in the ear wire will create tension to keep it secure

How to Take Off:

  • Gently pull the front and back of the earring apart 
  • Sometimes a slight twist can help release the tension