Birthstone Charms


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 collection of simple charms from WWake –– "each a tangible connection to the universe and where we come from. Select a birthstone to represent your birthday, a special someone, or a meaningful moment in time.

Whether or not you believe in the ancient power of birthstones, we see them are a testament to these thoughts from the past, and a catalyst for looking at ourselves in new light. "

Stone diameter: approx 3mm
Pearl: Lagniappe Pearl- approximately 11-14mm long x 3.5-4.5mm wide (each pearl is one-of-a-kind and slightly varied), 1.35 cts, responsibly cultured in the Tennessee River Valley, USA Origin
Oval jump ring approximately 5mm to slide over most clasps
Material: Recycled 14k yellow gold

Made in: New York  
Please note that these charms are sold alone, but can be paired with Wwake's signature chain - please click here

If you do not see your desired colourway or the product is out of stock please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a special order.