Born in Germany, Gisa Golpira spent much of her childhood deep in the heart of rainforest in Peru, where her mother worked as a gold diver. Where she grew up, there were no roads, no electricity, no neighbors, no strict rules. She spent her life outdoors, playing with wildlife animals, climbing trees, learning to hunt and fish, collecting fruit, swimming, hiking in the jungle, etc. Gisa learned that life could be appreciated in its simplest forms.

At a very early age she came into contact with gold nuggets that are now the centre pieces of her jewelry collection. Ever since her parents worked as sustainable gold divers in the rainforest of Peru, Gisa began to love and respect nature and understood the importance of an intact ecological system. This time of her life provided her the inspiration to create her jewellery line.

Golpira is now a Germany-based jewelry label, offering luxury, sustainable and unique handmade fine gold nugget jewelry, mixing modern aesthetics with classic references. Due to the nature of the gold nuggets, no two piece of jewellery will ever be the same. The DNA of Golpira reflects high craftsmanship and superior attention to everlasting style.
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