Gemstone Guide

Whether you are thinking about commissioning a completely unique piece of jewellery, or customising a design you have seen online, we are here to advise on gemstone choices to make sure you pick the perfect piece.

Choosing The Right Gemstone

Our designers work with every gemstone; from diamonds and sapphires to pearls and opals, there are a wealth of options. When deciding on the right gemstone for you, it's important to think not only about the aesthetic of the stone itself, but also your lifestyle and how you want to wear your jewellery, to ensure you make the right choice for you.



Diamonds are a classic choice, but as well as traditional white, coloured diamonds can come in an array of shades (such as orange, red, yellow, green, champagne, cognac). Diamonds are robust gemstones, perfect for everyday wear.

Above - Classic white, Salt & Pepper Diamond & Champagne Diamond

Rubies & Sapphires

Rubies and sapphires are also perfect choices for an engagement or everyday ring, as they are very hard stones, so they can withstand normal daily wear.

Rubies come in different shades of pink and red; this classic red colour is most common.

Sapphires also come in a range of colours, so there’s a lot of potential for variety.

Semi - Precious Gemstones

Garnets, Aquamarines and Tourmalines (shown below) are examples of some of the more commonly used semi-precious gemstones used in jewellery. They are softer stones, but can still good choices for engagement or everyday rings, if treated with care. If you work with you hands, cycle or do other physical activities, remove the ring when doing this, as this will avoid damaging the stones.

Opals, Pearls & Emeralds

Very soft stones, such as opals, pearls and emeralds are more suitable for cocktail as they are they are naturally more delicate than other gemstones. They can be worn in engagement rings, but they must be treated with extra care, to avoid damage to the stones. You will need to remove your jewellery when doing physical activities, and also when washing your hands, as opals can weaken when submerged in water. Avoid spraying perfumes near these stones, as beauty products for skin and hair can react with precious stones and metals. Put your jewellery on after applying and cosmetics, scents and sprays.

If you’re not sure what the best option would be for you, contact us and we would be happy to advise you.


Picking a gemstone based on your birthstone, or a loved one's birthstone is a great way to personalise a gift. Our range of designers are used to incorporating birthstones into their designs, so please get in touch to discuss customising a design with a birthstone.