Turið Nolsøe Mohr

Basalt Ring


The Basalt Ring is crafted from Faroese Basalt Rock and set in chunky sterling silver. Turið is an architect from the Faroe Islands, an influence you see clearly in her work through her use of graphic shapes and bold lines. The Faroe Islands lie on the Eurasian plate between Scotland, Norway and Iceland. The islands are of volcanic origin and are made up of three layers of basalt, with the top and bottom layers resembling each other. The age of this rock is between 54 and 58 million years, with the oldest material at the bottom

Dimensions: 10mm diameter disk, mm wide ring band
Material: Silver, black basalt rock
Made in: The Faroe Islands  

If you would like to order this item in gold, or If you do not see your desired size or if the product is out of stock please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a special order.